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Our Team is Your Team

We find ways to stand out in a crowded space.

It takes a lot of different perspectives to come up with great ideas. Bringing our clients into full collaboration with zero ego yet slightly twitchy creatives keeps the ground moving quickly beneath us. We work together, as partners, to find meaningful solutions. The mood is fun, non-judgmental, generative, and creative to come up with impactful results.

Nancy Glick

Founder // Web & Graphic Designer

Nancy's background in system integration and project management began in the mid-1990s and spans from enterprise projects with Detroit and Los Angeles Public School Districts, Costco Wholesale, and Washington Mutual Bank to local organizations and entrepreneurs like Swiftsure Ranch Equestrian Center and Silver Creek Outfitters. She has been designing and developing logos, websites, and collateral for small and medium-sized businesses since 2004.

Nancy has been collaborating with and learning from great minds since the beginning. Her design career started with a push from legendary western photographer David Stoecklein. David invested in her creativity allowing her to learn graphic design, web design along with the ins and outs of publishing and product development. She has worked with award-winning publications like Sun Valley Magazine and now publishes her own award-winning publication, Discover the Wood River Valley, with The Chamber, Hailey and the Wood River Valley.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in 1994 from Gonzaga University in communications and journalism. Her passion for art began when she spent a year abroad attending Gonzaga-in-Florence, Italy studying Art History, Theology, Architecture and Italian.

Avery Ardovino

Designer // Digital Communications // Content Manager

Experienced Freelance Photographer with a demonstrated history of working in the leisure, travel & tourism industry. Skilled in Digital Communication, Content Management, Adobe and Microsoft Programs. Strong arts and design professional with a Bachelor of Science (BS) focused in Pre-Physical Therapy from Westminster College.
Candy Crew is a Social Media Marketing Specialist at Glick + Fray in Sun Valley Idaho

Candy Crew

Social Media Marketing

When she isn’t at her desk working on a myriad of marketing projects, i.e. social media, creative emailing, and digital marketing efforts, her affinity for the outdoors and backroad exploration lures her restless heart. Whether mountain biking, water skiing, rafting, or camping, she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. With the help of her outdoor-seeking husband, Mike, you’ll find them capturing all of these adventures with an iPhone and a Nikon DSLR camera.

In collaboration with Glick + Fray Candace combines her forward-thinking marketing experience with her passion for small town business. She’s committed to crafting a strong social media and web presence for to help small companies grow roots.

Candace earned her Bachelor of Arts in marketing from College of Idaho in 2013

Bailey Ryan

Content Creator

Bailey is a vivacious adventurer with a passion for traveling and exploring the unknown. This desire to travel and explore has woven itself into a diverse tapestry of experiences which inspire her projects. Throughout her life she has worked to develop valuable skills in a variety of areas including education, content creation, international communication and leadership.

As a graduate of the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, she takes an organized approach to all of her endeavors. This combined with her eclectic experiences, innate creativity and passion for learning has provided her with a unique perspective and ability to generate impressive results.


The Diva // Team Morale Booster

Diva is a spunky, adventurous girl with an attitude! She is charming and has a way with barks! Responsible for boosting team morale and licking plates clean, she works with remarkable efficiency. She's an intellectual, obviously, and she always gets what she wants! Diva is passionate about treats, long walks and rolling in the snow. Remy, Diva's mama and best friend forever, is always there to provide backup and a voice of reason when necessary.
Lisa Rome is a Writer and Social Content Developer at Glick + Fray in Sun Valley Idaho

Lisa Rome

Writer // Social Content Developer

Lisa Rome is the goat to your racehorse, so to speak. She's the calming presence with the right words to support your vision before you jump out of the gate. Lisa has been crafting content and strategy for organizations at the leading edge of change for over a decade. She's fiercely passionate about justice and well-being, and holds a Master's degree in transformational leadership from Naropa University. More than anything, she's a world class listener, and gives words to your truest message.
Laura is a Web Designer and Graphic Designer at Glick + Fray in Sun Valley Idaho

Laura Rico

Web & Graphic Designer // IT

Laura is an innovator and graphics specialist with over 15 years of experience providing clean, simple designs for print and web. Graduating cum laude with a dual major in Digital Arts & Multimedia and Information Technology, she excels at organizing thoughts and making information easily consumable. Her specialties include designing infographics, brochures, reports, newsletters, and a variety of templates. She takes great pride in attention to detail, knowledgeableness, and professionalism.

Laura’s background in information technology gives her an edge on learning new software and making custom adjustments on the backend. Due to her technical disposition, one of her favorite parts of designing is digging deeper into software to find better, faster, and more efficient ways of doing work with the goal of saving the client time and money. As an advocate for empowerment, she also enjoys teaching and learning from the clients throughout the creative process.

The essence of Laura’s modus operandi is bringing joy to others, so when she’s not busy eating bytes of her Apple, she is busy making silly puns.

Val Thomson is a Graphic Designer at Glick + Fray in Sun Valley Idaho

Val Thomson

Graphic Designer

Val is a graphic designer, originally from Seattle. She graduated from Seattle University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, but after a few years working in the legal field, found graphic design much more to her liking. She attended the Art Institute of Seattle, and after graduation in 2002, moved to the Wood River Valley to pursue her love of design as well as everything outdoors. Her first couple of years in the Valley she was Production Manager for the Wood River Journal and then transitioned to Copy & Print where she worked as lead graphic artist for over 11 years. Winter months you can find her skiing on Baldy or (post-holing up snow covered trails). And mountain biking and hiking are her favorite daily activities in the summer. But first snowfall, is still her favorite day of the year.
Kali Gillette is a Writer and Content Developer at Glick + Fray in Sun Valley Idaho

Kali Gillette

Writer // Content Developer

As the chief keyboard operator and a former resort marketing director, tourism brand manager and local food magazine publisher, Kali combines strategy with creativity to tell your story. Let’s just say she can turn a good phrase on a page. Though an Idaho girl through and through, she has spent her career in the mountains of Montana. She’s committed to making great food, exploring the big outdoors and laughing often.

Kali holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication, News/Editorial from the University of Utah.

Strategic Partners

Metric PPC
Sean Golliher is a Strategic Partner from Metric PPC

Sean Golliher

Strategic Partner // MetricPPC

Sean Golliher, president at Metric PPC. Metric PPC is a pay-per-click agency using the latest technology to deliver more leads at a lower cost. Focusing on measuring your ROI and providing excellent customer service. Each campaign launched starts with in-depth research and strategic campaign development to ensure your ad dollars are being spent on the right channels, targeting your prime audience.

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