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How are a brand and a logo different?

Words by Bailey Ryan

There seems to be a great deal of confusion regarding brands and logos. Aren’t they the same thing?you may ask. They are, in fact, not the same thing; however, both work together to shape audience perceptions and influence the development of your business. Your brand is the culmination of factors like colors, shapes and words designed to send a message to your audience. Your logo should be easily recognizable while simultaneously creating a feeling of positivity within your audience. Brands and logos work together like two sides of a coin, one is incomplete without the other. But how could all of these colors and words and shapes and feelings and blah-blah-blah turn into any sort of coherent, comprehensible message?Oh, you’re very curious! Let’s take this opportunity to delve in and explore the intricate sphere of brand identity in more detail, shall we?

What is a brand and what makes it so important?

Great question! Well, simply put, your brand is the culmination of people’s experiences and interactions with your business, both direct and indirect. Defining your brand’s identity is an integral part of developing your business and creating a foundation for success. Your brand encompasses everything tangible and intangible about your business. What impression do you want to leave on your audience, how do you want them to feel when they interact with your business? Knowing the answer to this question, as a business owner, is the first step in developing your brand. Choosing words, colors and typefaces to organically attract an audience that resonates with your business is crucial. Audience interactions with your business also play a large role in your brand’s identity. Providing genuine value, building relationships and maintaining consistency throughout your business is key to crafting a good reputation. A brand is a carefully curated identity designed to convey a message and create a desirable experience for your audience. Overall, your brand is the message you create to fit your business and how that message is perceived by your target audience. So, a brand is like the personality of a business?Yes, exactly!

Well then, what is a logo?

A logo is quite simple actually, it’s just a unique and memorable symbol designed to help your audience identify and recognize your brand. A brand is the foundation for a logo. Ideally, a logo is a timeless design that can help your audience recall your business. A logo derives its meaning, in the eyes of the audience, by association with a brand. A carefully designed logo can provide your audience with a positive impression of your business even before they interact with your business personally. An amazing logo can draw in a large audience. In many cases, seeing your logo is the first interaction people will have with your business. Does that mean a logo is like the face of a business?Wow! You really do catch on fast! It’s exactly like a face and it’s critically important to the development of your business. Much like a face, your logo should be easily recognizable and conjure up positive associations in the minds of your audience. 

So, have all of your questions been answered, or do you have a few more? Now you’ve got me thinking… I’m curious, how can I steer the development of my business and sculpt people’s perceptions of my business to make it as successful as possible?Wonderful, now you’re thinking like a pro. The first step in creating (or refreshing) a brand that you’re proud of is to be proactive, be intentional, be daring. Think of it as creating an experience, not simply a logo mark or service. A brand that strikes a chord with your audience and makes them feel good and ultimately makes them want to return. After all, you’re not a nameless, faceless, computer-algorithm conglomerate. You’re a person with passion. You’re a business that’s not afraid to be badass. Your brand is your reputation and your personality, your logo is your face. Show everyone who you are.

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One of our favorite brands is Wildflour Café, Coffee & Bakery. This Idaho-based bakery is truly one of a kind! A unique blend of color and design comes together perfectly to create a playful and memorable brand-logo combination.

Can you feel it?